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Classes with Sandrine, Marine, Justine & Camille

Monday: 17h00-18h00, +9 years old - level 1 with Justine
Tuesday: 16h00-17h00, ages 7-9 - level 1 with Sandrine
Tuesday: 17h00-18h00, ages 9-12 - level 2 with Sandrine
Tuesday: 18h00-19h00, +12 yrs - level 3 with Sandrine
Tuesday: 19h00-19h30, +12 yrs - Pointes 1 with Sandrine
Tuesday: 19h30-20h30, teens & adults with Sandrine
Tuesday: 20h30-21h00, teens & adults - Pointes 2 with Sandrine
Wednesday: 2:00-3:00 pm, 5-7 year-olds - early learning with Marine
Wednesday: 16h00-17h00, ages 7-9 - Level 1 with Marine
Wednesday: 15h00-16h00, +10 years - level 2-3 with Marine
Saturday: 11h00-12h00, 5-7 yrs - early learning with Camille
Born in the 16th century, ballet symbolizes "grace, elegance and precision". It combines suppleness and posture, and requires rigorous coordination of all parts of the body. Ballet is the foundation of many sports disciplines. The pointe class is designed for advanced students aged 12 and over.

Classique-éveil: an introduction to the first steps of classical dance, providing a good grounding in the basics. We work on rigor, flexibility and posture.

Tenue éveil, 1 & 2: tunic with pink or white skirt, pink tights, pink slippers, hair tied up in a bun.

Outfit for classic 3, teens & adults: black tunic, black skirt, pink tights, pink slippers, hair tied up in a bun. Same attire for pointe, pointe shoes (ask your instructor).

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