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Company formula

Offer reserved for companies only:

  • Book of 100 tickets: 250€.
  • Book of 200 tickets: 500€.  

The tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Offer them a book of 100 tickets to the Poséidon swimming pool

For several years now, the Poseidon Sports Complex has been working closely with many companies by offering them entry tickets at very attractive prices. Located in the green surroundings of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the Poseidon swimming pool allows swimmers to take advantage of the natural light that floods the interior of the infrastructure to such an extent that it almost feels like swimming in the open air.

Let your workers enjoy the benefits of swimming and improve their well-being at work. Studies have shown that aquatic activity relieves osteoarthritis-related pain while strengthening joints. Swimming also helps maintain and even improve overall health.
Treat your employees and clients to a book of 100 tickets to the Poseidon pool

The state of weightlessness provided by water allows all muscles to relax. Tension and stress evaporate, leaving a feeling of well-being. In addition to the relaxing context in which it is practiced, swimming, like all sports, causes the secretion of endorphins.

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Latest News !

Work Poseidon

Dear customers,

From Monday 18 September 2023, the Complexe sportif Poséidon will begin a new phase of works along the swimming pool access corridor.

To this end, protective walls will be placed along the columns blocking the view to the outside.

This temporary protection will be needed to replace the façade windows.

This phase of the works will cause further temporary discomfort, but this is necessary for the renovation of the entire area.

Thank you for your understanding.



Dear customers, The swimming pool will be closed to the public at 5pm on Saturdays during the 2023-2024 season. Thank you for your understanding. The Poséidon team.

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