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Tai chi

Class given by Carlos 

  • Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00 am

Tai Chi "Balance in Movement" is a body and energy practice of Chinese origin. The classes include stretching, joint mobilization, postural correction, rooting in stillness and in movement, while integrating elements of Mindfulness and GDS Muscle and Joint Chains.   
The goal is to learn to use one's body in a more natural, relaxed and expressive way in everyday life. This practice, whose benefits are constantly confirmed by clinical studies (better stress management, cardiovascular and respiratory health, balance, increased flexibility and precision, etc.) also nourishes a meditative state. The memorization of the sequence of movements known as "The Form" will allow to progressively integrate this way of moving in different situations. Regularity in practice is therefore important.

Commune: 1 class: 10.50€ * 10 classes + 1 free: 105€
Out of town: 1 class: 11€ * 10 classes + & free: 110€

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